Midland Gun Company



This company was founded in the late 1880s with premises in Bath Street and Price Street. At some point their factory was named the Demon Works and this was used as their logo/trademark. They made firearms and ammunition as well as importing and exporting, with a small office in London too at one point. The company was absorbed into/purchased by Parker Hale in the 1950s and the tradename used on some of their guns.

Below is a Phyliss Nicklin of their premises on the corner of Whittall Street and Bath Street from 1963


This photo is courtesy of David Fowler, from the Birmingham History Forum. It shows the same view as above from slightly further back, allowing you to see both corners of Whittall Street onto Bath Street. It is interesting to note that the Midland Gun Company has premises both sides of the street.


This is the cover of their 1914 catalogue (courtesy of Alan David)


And, this is the location map from the rear cover (which seems to be showing premises on the opposite side of the street to the photo above, and a lot larger at that!)


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