Welcome to a site dedicated to
Birmingham's Gun Trade Heritage

This is a site which is aiming to achieve 2 purposes:-

To gather information, stories, photographs and other memorabilia about a trade that was at one time a big employer in Birmingham. It is also one that is now sadly neglected; there is little information to be found (especially in comparison to some of Birmingham's other trades) on the internet and I would like to remedy that.

To try and see if there is the possibility of adding to Birmingham's already excellent specialist small museums (the Pen Museum and Jewellery Museum in the Jewellery Quarter are well worth a visit) by starting a gun museum. Coming from the city that gave birth to BSA, Webley and a multitude of other companies it seems a crying shame there is nowhere to go and learn more about it and to see how they worked. UPDATE May 2010 - I see with the Big City Plan for the Gun Quarter there is some talk about opening a museum - hopefully it will progress from there.....?

This is an amateur website that I have just started up and will attend to as best I can. Please bear with me when looking at it - I am having to learn as I go and it is a very STEEP learning curve believe me! I would welcome any contributions in whatever shape or form and comments also would be appreciated. Thanks


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Please visit and support this website. Its aims are to preserve the remaining BSA flatted factory (Truscon) building on Armoury Road and is worthy of support!

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